Sodium cocoamphodiacetate, 30%

  • amphoteric surfactant
  • thickener and foaming, co-surfactant
  • keeps its foaming and cleaning properties  in hard water and in electrolytes
  • shows exclusive  ability to reduce irritation effect of anionic surfactants
  • compatible with all kinds of surfactants

R – coconut alkyl 

Sodium Cocoamphoacetate

Sodium cocoamphodiacetate

INCI: Sodium Cocoamphoacetate
CAS №: 68608-65-1



Amphoacetate is  used for daily care cosmetics: for baby’s goods, shampoo, gels, bath foams, shaving and hair styling products. It  shows  soft effect to skin and mucosa.
Its stable at pH 2-13. It reduces  irritation effect of anionic surfactants. It shows synergistic effect with conditioning polymers.

Product’s specification 

Project TC

Amfapav.30* Amfapav.40*
1. Appearance, color Transparent amber  liquid without foreign matters
2. Color (Gardner  scale) 5 max 5 max
3. Main substance  content, % 28,0-32,0 min 37,0
4. Chloride content (as NaCl), % 6,5-8,0 8,0-11,5
5. Free amine content, %, max 0,5 0,5
6. Dry residue’s content, % 35,0-41,0 min 44,0
7. рН (in 5%water solvent) within  the limits of 8,0-10,0 8,0-10,0

Storage and shelf life

Product stored in sealed containers inside of covered warehouses at 0 — 40 ºC. It can also be stored under a canopy out of direct sunlight and away from atmospheric condensation. Compliance with the temperature regime is a must.

Shelf life — 12 months.

The product is available in 200 kg polyethylene drums or in a tare  at  customer’s requirement.

(*) — in the draft