DON-B 0110

Water-repellent, corrosion inhibitor, biocide

DON-B 0110 is an alcohol solvent of composition of cationic surfactants.  
It is represented by 2 brands: DON-B 0110/37а and DON -B 0110/40м


DON-B 0110/37а can be used as a water-repellent for bottom-hole zone layer in order to improve oil recovery. It can also be used to protect equipment of oil field wastewater utilization from hydrogen sulfide corrosion, to suppress the growth of  hydrogen sulfide  corrosions.

Recommendation on concentrations:
– 50-100g/мas a corrosion inhibitor;
– 0,01-0,1% as a water-repellent.

DON-B 0110/40m it can be used as an ingredient of drilling fluid and muffling liquids, in compounds for bottom hole. It can also be used to protect from carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide corrosions of oilfield equipment, which is used during extraction, transportation, and storage of oil.

Recommendation on concentration:
– 12-20 g/t as a corrosion inhibitor;
– 0,1% as a water-repellent.

Product’s specification

TC 2458-005-04706205-2004

DONB 0110/37а DONB 0110/47м
1 Appearance, color  (20ºС) Yellow to brown liquid Yellow to brown liquid
2 Density at  20 0С, g/сm3 0,84 — 0,88 0,84 — 0,88
3 Temperature of freezing,  0С -30 -30
4 рН 7,0 — 9,0 6,0 — 8,0
5 Kinematic viscosity at 200С, сСт., max 20 20


The product is available in polyethylene drums and container or in a tare at  a customer’s requirement.

Shelf life  – 5 years.