Aminoethyl alkyl imidazoline

Imidazolines – heat-resistant organic nitrogen compounds, dissolving in nonpolar solvents and dispersanting  in aqueous systems.


  • cationic surfactants
  • emulsifiers for different environments
  • biocides
  • water-repellents
  • adhesives
  • antistatic and softeners for textile, enhancing   обеспечивающие стойкость их цвета
  • foamer
  • wetting agents
  • plasticizers

R – coco –, oleyl –, palm 

CAS No.: 95385



It’s widely used as a component of washing and disinfectant applications; as antistatic and softener for textile; as an emulsifier for different environments; a component  for high effective corrosion inhibitors. It is also used for concrete and wood hydrophobic; as an additive into road bitumen for improving adhesion  with acidic rocks; into paints, than improve colorant adhesion even with wet surfaces.

Product’s specification 

TC 2482-035-04706205-2012

1 Appearance liquid
2 Density , г/см3 0,85 — 0,95
3 Content of active substance , % 99
4 Total amine content , мг-экв/г 3,5 – 4
5 Moisture, %, max 1

Storage and shelflife

Product is stored in sealed containers in covered warehouses at 0 ÷ +40 ºC. It can also be stored under canopy out of direct sunlight and away from atmospheric condensation. Compliance with the  temperature regime is must.

Shelf life — 12 month.

The product is available in 200 kg  polyethylene drums or in a tare at customer’s requirement.

(*) — in the draft