About us

Scientific Manufacturing Enterprise «ENPAV» is a leading developer and a major manufacturer – a supplier of functional surfactants and surfactant based products in the Russian market and abroad.

Founded more than half a century ago (1960) as an Applied Research Institute for the development and implementation of the state policy in the surfactant and detergent sphere; today the company remains to be a flagship of innovative development of the industry. SME «ENPAV» has not only succeeded in saving its technical potential; the company has strengthened it in recent years and created a number of new import-substituting production lines and has become a dynamically developed enterprise in the domestic chemical industry. SME «ENPAV» covers a significant part of the functional surfactants demand of the Russian market.

Turn to the production takes place in the late 90s. The enterprise based on its own scientific and technological developments starts to create industrial complex, which includes universal small-scale installations for the production of surfactants and special  chemical reagents, technical substances and a number of products for household goods, oil and gas industry, medicine, cosmetics, road construction, agriculture and so on.  Proper research and economic policy, pursued by the company, creates fruitful foundation for further scientific and industrial development. The company creates new production facilities and workshops. Conjunctural market analysis including technologies development and production of the products are closely interrelated. It allows immediately react to the market requirements and produce competitive products which are in great demand. Such policy leads to a significant increase of the production volumes and market capitalization of the company with the full resolution of all technical regulations and legal requirements and social issues of the enterprise life.

Nowadays SME «ENPAV» is an industrial complex worth about half a billion rubles; having its own Research Centre (STC); the production capacity of the company is up to 24 thousand tons per year; it has specialized transport and logistics divisions; the company delivers products throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

The company main products are surfactants, surfactant concentrates (intermediates) and chemical reagents used for the household goods production (washing and cleaning detergents, antistatic, softeners), cosmetics (shampoo, foam, gels, balms), textile auxiliaries and disinfectants. Other company’s product line is reagents and additives used in oil and gas extraction, road construction, mining and etc… The enterprise plant produces such groups of surfactants as betaines, amine oxides, alkilolamides, quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) salts, aliphatic amines, carboxylates. All above-mentioned groups are represented by the different trade product lines. These products are in conformance with the Russian and international standards and successfully compete with foreign analogues. The quality of the products is proved by numerous awards of specific international exhibitions. It is planned to launch new surfactant line which doesn’t have analogues in the domestic industry.

For many years a number of leading national and multinational corporations – are valued customers and partners of the company. This is an indicative of the company’s reliability and its degree of high responsibility as a supplier; it continues to prove the relevant quality of the products, the level of use of modern technologies, and the work of its highly qualified industrial and personnel management. The experience with these companies has brought a significant positive contribution to the development of SME «ENPAV.»

The company employs more than 100 people, half — in the production and transport divisions, half — in the management and science departments. The founder and president of the company – is a Ph.D., Honorary chemist of the Russian Federation, Honorary Academician of Maon, Chebaksarov Arkady; Director General – is an Honorary chemist of the Russian Federation, Chebaksarova Luidmila.

SME «ENPAV» has approached  its 55th anniversary with remarkable results. Having saved and increased technical base, having created new a highly technological, competitive,  rapidly developing production of the products in demand, nowadays the company can clearly see the future of its future directions of its development; SME «ENPAV» can deservedly be considered as one of the leading companies of the industry, as well as a reliable business partner in the domestic and international markets of surfactants and specialty chemicals.